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Be wild, not unsociable !

Our sloe gin tastes wonderful on the rocks but also mixes perfectly with your favorite tonic. Enjoy it undiluted or in a daring cocktail… be bold! 

Maral Tonic

The classic Sloe Gin & Tonic

1/2 Maral

1/2 decent neutral tonic (or citrus)

A slice of lemon & a sprig of rosemary



Maral, Gin and Tonic

A G & T with a wild twist

3 cl of Maral

3 cl of good quality Gin

8 to 14 cl of decent neutral tonic (or citrus)

A slice of lemon & a sprig of rosemary



Maral Spritz

Who said Spritz only works with Aperol?

7 cl of Maral

14 cl of prosecco

A dash of water or seltzer water

A slice of lemon


Maral Sloe'gasm

Wildly chic!

2 cl of Maral

Champagne or Prosecco


Negroni on the wild side

5 cl of Maral 

2.5 cl of good quality gin 

2.5 cl of Campari or Aperol 

2.5 cl of mild vermouth 

A twist of orange


Hot Maral

Wholesome comfort by the fireside! 

5 cl of Maral 

25 cl of organic apple juice 

Mulled wine spices (cinnamon, anise, cloves, cardamom, etc.) 

A stick of vanilla 

A stick of cinnamon 

An orange slice


Maral & Whisky

When England meets Scotland ...

5 cl of Maral

1 cl of peated whiskey

1 cl of water

1 cl of sugar syrup

1 orange slice for garnish

Maral Fizz

The great Fizz tradition.

4 cl of Maral

2.5 cl of lemon juice

1 egg white

1.5 cl of sugar syrup

Champagne or prosecco

Maral & Cider

Even fruitier

4 to 7 cl of Maral

8 to 14 cl of good dry cider 

A slice of lemon & a sprig of rosemary 



A guilty pleasure

5 cl of Maral

1.5 cl of lemon juice

5 cl cranberry juice

Champagne or Bubbly

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