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Covid-19: all part of the process


One of the secrets behind Maral’s unique, intense flavour is the fact that it has enjoyed an especially long maceration for a sloe gin. 


Mindful that it takes time to create amazing, our three entrepreneurs were already planning to rest their new gin in the barrel for six months – twice as long as the traditional recipe states – when Covid-19 came along. Unable to emerge from the barrel as planned in April 2020 because of lockdown, Maral had to wait another two more months before being tasted.


The delay was worth it, the taste divine! The sheer power and intensity of the fruit had been enhanced by the subtle yet unexpected almond aroma emanating from the stones. Though outstanding, the result was still a little too understated for our three friends’ liking. 


Perfectionists to a fault, they decided to wait a little longer and to reconvene once a month for further tastings. Eventually, one year after it first went into the barrel – three to four times longer than usual – the diminutive fruit was filtered out to create Maral. 


And that’s how the best sloe gin in the world was born!

They couldn't find the perfect sloe gin, so they decided to make it. 

Nicolas Haegelsteen, our spirits aficionado, created Maral’s recipe. He has always been fascinated by maceration and developed this sloe gin by dint of patience and endless tests in all kinds of jars.


Julien Bricart, works in event management and is responsible for broadcasting Maral abroad. The English, to whom we originally owe this sloe liqueur, had better look sharp!


Arnaud de Merode, who also launched the Belgian morel brand BelMorille, has allowed us to benefit from his marketing and sales skills.

Bon, Brut, Belge!  

Raw, distinctive, feisty, ​​potent, subtle, wild…. our sloe gin is truly Belgian!

What makes Maral so good?


A subtle blend of citrus fruit and myriad botanicals, our hand-made gin brings out the slight bitterness of sloes without altering their finesse or flavour.


A maceration process that is three to four times longer than usual, helping to bring out the essence of the fruit and the unmistakable almond scent of the stone.


Fresh, wild sloes, hand-picked in the forest. It’s out with the processed syrups and in with the traditional and the natural.


Added with painstaking care to offset the fruit’s natural bitterness.

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